The Weighted Blanket With Sleeves!

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Shop Your Favorite Color Today - FREE Shipping on $50+ orders!
Discover how restful a blanket can be when you get under a Snuggie® Hug Weighted Blanket. Comfy and colorful, the new Snuggie® blanket wraps you in gentle comfort with soothing weight. It's full coverage and drape sleeves keep it snug and securely in place.
Snuggie® Hug

Weighted Blanket

  • The Snuggie® Hug Weighted Blanket applies an even amount of pressure over your body to help the production of serotonin and melatonin, simulating Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation.

  • Super-soft velveteen material helps promote a sense of calmness and relaxation for a more restful sleep or lounging experience.

  • Precision stitched squares are filled with high density, BPA-Free Micro-beads that provide the perfect amount of evenly distributed weight necessary for therapeutic effect.

  • Blanket measures 50 in x 75 in (127 cm x 190.5 cm) Weighs 6 lbs

  • Perfect size and weight for all ages 5+